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Light, color, sound and emotion.

I began creating wedding films in 2012, or better said, I realized the potential for this videos to capture memories. Since then, I learned a lot doing this craft. I’ve been a lot of time behind cameras, since 2006 more or less. I’ve used old TV cameras and to the new ones. But the approach is still the same. Keep it raw and keep it simple. I try to stay true to this focus, because I believe it is the best way to capture memories that will last. And I’m still amazed  with the beauty present in the moment of two persons coming together, celebrating their love.

Mi approach is still the same. To keep things simple as I said. To capture life in its own natural way. I thrive to capture beautiful aesthetic shots that suggests emotion and inspire the viewer the beauty of the moment. I love taking part of greatness that represents to celebrate our humanity. I try with my craft to capture the beauty and emotion of these moments.